Saturday, May 11, 2019

Jane's Birthday Coming Up February 1

So, a picture of Jane (see more here) as I send a note to ask for words of love and memories as she comes up on a milestone birthday. I decided to send to all of our FB friends. (So... if you get this but don't even know Jane, sorry. She's a great gal and the loss is yours, but don't feel beholden to make up memories... :) )

I would appreciate any connections you can add as there are folks who know and love her who I will not connect with. For example, I'd greatly appreciate any of the Mt. Carmel girls spreading the word. She loved having you in our home and I'd love to share your thoughts with her.

It will be a trick to keep this secret, but this blog is rarely seen. So you can leave your comments here. FB messages are fine, too -- I may just have to keep her off of it somehow for awhile so I can keep them a surprise!

This is just part of celebrating the big Five-0 by putting together expressions of love from the many who have known her across the years. A few words, a memory, whatever you can find time for in the midst of everything else -- much appreciated!!

Trying to get it together before next Sunday. Thank you!