Sunday, June 21, 2020

Ministry Remnants: Pray for Your Pastor

Ruminations on a Sunday Morning...

What does a pastor do early Sunday morning?
  • pray
  • wonder
  • worry (yes, pastor's do that, too)
  • pray
  • prepare
  • think of details like lights and announcements and music
  • worry about who no longer comes and why
  • pray
  • worry about normal struggles with health and family and finances and planning
  • wonder again how it is possible to effectively preach, lead, love
  • struggle to affirm the expected confidence in God from the inside out
  • (the list is long)
On a Sunday morning early when I need to be doing something other than random ruminations, I remind all who may see this that the pastor is human, too. Yes, pastor's have responsibility like you have responsibility, and no one is holding a gun to the preacher's head. It is a 'chosen' mix of love and duty and least of all should a pastor seek pity.

Prayer, however, is in order, for every Sunday morning is a reminder that this is God's work and sheer folly to engage without His help.

Bottom line? 

Pray for your pastor today.

- He deserves criticism, no doubt, and heaps enough on himself. 
- He's not world-class or even close, that is true, but he wishes he were. 
- He may overlook you and your concerns: this grieves him. Try to find it in your heart to forgive. 
- He has too many things going. Scold him for it if you must, but remember he is probably like you: Do you have too many things going?

Your pastor loves you, loves the church, and wakes every Sunday with a mix of trepidation and hope:
"I can do this!"
"Are you kidding?!"
"My head hurts, I am not yet ready -- I can't do this."
"Yes, you can!"

The voice goes silent and the pastor presses on.

Pray for your pastor today.