Sunday, November 26, 2017

On Truth: Beautiful and Compelling

"That which is true, will also be beautiful and compelling." (Aristotle)

I have little to add, but find this instructive. Why do we fear the truth? We fear it, I think, wherever it crosses our will. But truth never changes. Our will suffers from an impossible battle and our person slowly decays.

So embrace truth. This is more than propositional, cognitive processes. Indeed, way more. Truth is personal and we find it most when we open our lives -- through the classic disciplines -- to the person of Christ, who Himself is truth. Rational acceptance and explanation have their place, but they are not primary. Until I bow to truth itself I will never ascertain what it actually is.

That seems true, and I am slowly learning to take the knee in this matter, and learn from the Master to be at peace with truth, indeed to embrace it. I want the beautiful and the compelling and so I surrender to truth.