Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jane's Mother: A Tribute

Yesterday, a time of memories and reminders….

Memories of a little mother not more than 5′3”, one not well known at all or of great accomplishments in the world’s eyes. She was not one to try to impress with words or deeds. Her life was one of hardships, struggles and pain but her living was one of grit, endurance and great love: Love for her Lord, love for others. Just simple, quiet, unassuming love.

So many things flood my mind as I think of her: a Bible full of verses underlined with dates penciled in, her sweet voice singing throughout the house, hearing her praying long into the night, a guitar that lies cold where once she could play up a storm, her cooking which was enjoyed by so many – all that and so much more.

This dear little mother gave me something far more than material wealth. She helped me to see the deep joy in the small things of life, in the simple everyday giving, loving and serving. She went on to be with Jesus this time last year. How I miss her but I am reminded of how blessed I am to have her as my mother and what an even more wonderful blessing is that I have the joy and privilege of being a mother to two precious boys! What wonderful gifts!

I hope I can be the mother to them that my mom was to me.