Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thinking about Life and Marriage...

Last weekend my nephew, Michael Huff, married Christina Rice. They make a great match and the wedding was delightful. They were kind enough to ask me to share in their big day by giving a few thoughts at the reception. The comments below are some of what I heard myself say on that happy day.

What a delightful occasion! We all feel honored to share this with you. Let memories of this day feed your soul for a lifetime.

The greatest goods of life require the most of us and give the most in return. Marriage is one of those greatest goods. The gathering today is testament to the good of marriage and family. It must be held close and strong, of utmost value. With that in mind I want to offer a few things which will enable you to build a strong home.
  • The heritage of love and commitment in this room is precious. Honor it. You will never be sorry.
  • Own money instead of letting it own you. To learn this, always give first to God and his work and then save some as well. Every week. You will never be sorry.
  • Learn to be honest with one another, with grace and kindness. This takes skill and care, but you can do it. Daily. You will never be sorry.
  • Marriage is the gift that keeps on giving. The love you have will grow as you give it away: to one another, for children should God bless you with them, for all who cross your path. Learn to give always. You will never be sorry.
  • Find practical ways in daily life to put God first. All your hope and destiny rests in Him: nothing is more important than putting Him first. This means...
    • making church a priority,
    • respecting and tenderly caring for one another,
    • working hard and honoring your commitments,
    • daily prayer time and holding hands and letting go of selfish desires.
           Learn to follow God's good way. You will never be sorry.
  • Learn to fill the days of your lives with Grace and Truth. Criticizing is easy; learn to forgive instead. Love covers and heals.This takes learning -- you won't always do it well. Stay the course. Truth means you learn to be honest: with yourself, with others, with God. This, too, takes time. Never use truth to show how right you are or embarrass the other. Rather, let truth help you see yourself with tears and thoughtfulness; to offer healing, reflection, understanding. Truth is hard but untruth is harder and corrodes the soul.
          Learn to fill your days with Grace and Truth. You will never be sorry.
  • Finally, marriage is more than something you do. Marriage is something you enter in to. Marriage is bigger than you. Keep your marriage and it will keep you. If you tend daily to your marriage with faithfulness and care it will give back to you more than you ever dreamed. You will never be sorry.
We are all here today to cheer you on and hold you up as you enter this covenant and adventure. God is for you and for your marriage. Learn to rely on His faithfulness and grace every day. You will never be sorry.